I realized I've been away for a while. I haven't really been posting online aside from the occasional facebook post. So, lets see... I finally began taking driving a few months about and earned my license last month. So I've been getting used to driving. Our car is currently down, so we've just been using cheap rentals for grocery shopping(it costs less than hiring a taxi). I'm having fun driving around town with Bijuu in the back, lol.

Work is good, though we're going through a series of company changes. Everyone in the kitchen is safe from the chopping block, so I don't have to worry about that. I am annoyed that my sick and vacation hours are being cashed out with the company change. Aside from minor irritations, I like the new place and it's suiting my needs for the moment.

My family is doing great. My husband just recieved a promotion and a pay raise, so that's a blessing. He also seems to be enjoying his job more since it's back to being FOH staff. I'm happy that he's happy.

Bijuu is getting big! I wasn't expecting him to be this heavy so soon. I mean I knew he wouldn't be a small GSD due to his parentage, but I wasn't expecting this dump truck of a puppy. The first picture of is of Bijuu and and my husband.

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Wants List

I'm generally interested in figures, but I do purchase plush and some cards on occasion. I'm generally connect zukan, the list is really things that are particularly high on my wants, so please to comment with any zukans I don't have.

Squirtle line
Growlithe line
Kabuto line
Omanyte line
Giratina (both forms)
Latios and latias
Dewgong line
Natu line

Mareep (I'd want a custom shiny one :D)

New Years Resolutions!

With the end of 2012 there are somethings I want to focus on in the new year. Most of it is academic stuff, but there are some artistic things, as well as community outreach activities I'd like to get involved in. I well also be allowing myself to become less available at work to be able to accomplish this things

1. Have more productive study sessions, by breaking them into more manageable chunks.

2. Complete homework as soon as it's given.

3. Join Mesa and the honors society.

4. Finally finish a fursuit(I have parts all over the house with no finished product to show for it. -_-)

5. Draw more (I've been neglecting this too long)

6. Volunteer at the URM, animal shelter, or hospital.

7. Find a physician to shadow.

8. Become more active and eat better. (I've been neglecting myself)

9. Spend less time on the internet.(major time sucker, since I don't watch T.V.)

Semester Over!

Finally, I don't have to have anymore 16 hour days for a while. I'm very happy with my performance this semester, especially considering I've been taking 2 classes, working the 4am shift for 40-48 hours a week. To be quite honest I was starting to burn out towards between school, work,and the thing with my dad. However I stuck it out and have acquired two 'A's as a result. I'm sure this will be boosting my gpa up to 3.0,
which is still low but closer to my goal.

I've already registered for the next semester and since my work schedule with be more stable since I am no longer the 'relief' cook, I can focus on my classes a bit more, though I'll still be working a consistant 40 hours a week. I know I can handle two classes just fine, but I would eventually like to work my way up to three. Math is a given since I'm an engineering majoy, and this semester I'm taking english 1b. I'm hoping to be able to attend the summer session offered this coming year, to hopefully speed up my getting my lower division maths done. I'm planning on quitting my current job, picking up a part-time gig, and going to college full-time when I transfer to a university. I'd like to be able to participate in Co-ops, internships, and maybe some research if the faculty is working on anything particularly interesting.

FC is less than a month away, I'm so excited. Plus I could use a week away from work. We managed to find a fourth roomie since our last one had RL issues pop up, so everything is looking pretty positive. Oh and I just bought a Wii U, looking forward to playing that with the hubby.


Mid-terms went over great, I got an 'A' on my algebra test, and I'll be getting the results of that tomorrow. I know I passed my Philosopy mid-term, it's just a question on whether I got the 'A' I wanted or a B. All in all things are going well academic wise. I should be set to transfer in another year in a half. I might just stay the two years and get my pre-med requirements out of the way, it'll be cheaper that way.

For the past week and a half was just in a bad spot. I had recently got a letter from my father's cell-mate that he had suffered a massive stroke. However I didn't know how bad it was. He has been unconscious in a hospital for several weeks. No one there had contacted us. Not one word, had it not been this guy I would have still been waiting on my father's return letter, though to be honest I started to feel off about it. Apparently he's in a vegetable state, and they want my mom to make a decision whether to keep him on life support or to let him go.

It took about a week just to be able to talk about it without crying. We weren't super close but we were just beginning to start a new relationship. I wanted him in my life and now as quick as it all began it seems to be ending. My only comfort is that I did get to exchange a few letters with him, I regret not being able to hear his voice. Heh, I'm tearing up as I write this... I'm more concerned about my mom, she wasn't currently speaking to him. I can only imagine the regret and pain of losing your mate of 22-25 some odd years. My beloved and I have only been together for 9 years and only married for 3 of those 9 years, I already can't imaging losing him. He's been a big comfort along with prayer, as I am dealing with this. I'm lucky to have him.

Work has been work. I had to take two days off this past pay period, to my check it looking kind of funny, luckily I had some sick days to use up and I told my boss about my fathers situation and she allowed me to use up some of my sick-time. It's getting toward the time of year when we get busy with all of the Christmas parties. So, a lot of catering and over-time, none of which I can really do until after the first week of December(after finals). 

With all this going on I'm looking forward to FC this coming January. I could use the week long break from school and work. Our room, transportation, and registration paid for. Now we just need spending and food money, which is the easy part. Super excited as it's been a few years since we were able to hit up a furry con.
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Fall Semester Progress

So, things have been going well. Work is work and I've been pulling in a steady 32-40 hours a week with some overtime sprinkled here and there. They're going through their own drama with another cook there, and I tend to stay away from that.

School is going excellently. My algebra class has been pretty awesome, and I'm glad I decided to take it as a brush up. I've also been enjoying my philosophy class, so much as I'm going to be taking an ethics class in the fall 2013 probably. I'm also really enjoying my philosophy professor, he makes the subject entertaining and engages us to contribute to the lecture. Looking to finish this semester with another 4.0, which would be a blessing. I'm gonna buckle down and start studying my philosophy material more seriously. We only have two exams for that class, a mid-term and a final. Both are worth 50% of our grades, there's no wiggle room to mess up, so I'm going to study a bit harder.

The husband and I have out travel plans squared away for FC 2013 already, all that's left is registration and we're good to go! I already managed to get approved for the time off, so everything's looking pretty good. I'm very excited about having the week and even more excited about hittin' up another FurCon as it's been my favorite con so far. We're rooming with a good friend out ours and another person who seems pretty chill. Now to save up some food and spending money
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All the things!

First two weeks of the semester down and I think I did pretty good on the exam. It was through the grace of God I made it through the week though, lol. My managers made severral schedule changes and I was working the lead cooks shift, which is the retail cook position. It's a fairly challenging position, even though I am cooking for less people, about 60. However the time contraints are much more strict, I only have about and hour and 45 mins to churn out 2 entrees, 3 sides, and 1 dessert for 60 people. It's pretty intense, but it was a wonderful learning experience and I did learn a few things about myself that I can apply to other jobs.

School is going pretty well, my math and philosophy classes are going great. As I mentioned before we had our first test of the semester int he math class. I would like to think I did pretty awesome, since the test was mostly rewiew since it was only on chapter one. Our instructor also gave us all the homework assignments for the semester in our class syllabus so, I'm going to start grinding away on those soon. I'm enjoying the philosophy class immensely, I just about forgot how much I like the subject. We're starting to read some pre-socratic works and I find it really interesting. I'm also enjoying the fact that our instructor isn't assigning a bunch of 'busy' work for homework, which means I get to spend more time reading and analysing the text. I'm also starting the process of applying for readmission for ElCo so I'll be at my regular CC next semester, assuming I get the classes I need. Next semester I can start hammering away are my re-reqs with fevor.

I'm super excited for FC, the hubby and I are putting money away and have already found our fourth roomie. Now all we have to do is secure transportation, which we probably won't perchase the tickets until Dec. We also need to put away food/spending money, and pay for our pre-registration which doesn't close until Dec 31, lol. Things are looking pretty good.


Things are still going well, managed to working things out with the PM cook so that we're alternating Fridays. This is awesome news considering I start taking classes again next month. It looks like my 'Dismissal' status is final at my regular CC so I'll have to sit the fall semester out there. Instead of wasting the semester doing nothing, I've registered at another community college and managed to pretty much get all of the classes I originally registered for, so I'm happy.
I'm still debating over whether I want to apply to the Bio/Biomedical or Chemical Engineering programs at the Universities I'm considering. A lot of the programs over-lap, though it looks like the Chemical Engineering BS would give me more options.
We're still looking for a fourth roommate for FC, which we still have plenty of time to find. We still need to purchase out transportation tickets, and register for the con. I'm sure I can get the time off for it, I'm not too sure about my husband though. I'm sure it'll work out.
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I dunno, it has been a while. I finished off my math class with an 'A'. This fall I was hoping to carry a heavier course load, but it looks like I'll be dismissed for the semester. Of course I'll try to appeal the decision, but in worst case scenario I'll have to sit out the fall semester, which isn't as bad as it sounds. I'll probably either take the math at another JC or just pick up some extra shifts at work,  have some extra money for FC, and take the math during winter session. I am a bit bummed because I heard good things about my would-be professor.

 Work is good, I'm still working 40 hours and the extra change is pretty nice. Other than that nothing significant has changed, aside from the morning cook getting off light duty.
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   So I've been rather occupied for the last two months, between work and school. Work has been going well, though one of our cooks was out for knee surgery. So I've been picking up the slack along with the new guy. The extra money has been nice and working the AM shift a week straight has confirmed what I've already been suspecting. So Im probably going to start searching for a job that offers shifts that are more conductive to me actually being able to sleep.

  School is fine, the semester is winding down and we're preparing for our final exam before the summer. I'm currently sitting at an A and would like to keep it. I'm hoping to pick up a math class over the summer so I can start working through my pre-reqs for my major. Funny how no matter what majors look interesting I can't seem to get away from engineering(specifically bio/chem engineering) everything I find something interesting I'm always led back two those two majors. Heck UCR the university I'm doing my TAG with offers a chemical engineering with a bio eng. option, and thats sounding pretty good right now. I just need to work on my GPA some more to keep competitive. I also need to work on my writing, it's been a while since I've taken english, and I need to take one more critical thinking and writing course to satisfy my transfer requirements.

With the semester winding down this also means that Anime Expo is slowly creeping up. I'm looking forward to this con since it's my first anime convention. My sister and bother-in-law are staying with us during the con, since it's not far from the house. We're also planning to attend FC, of course we'd have to find two more roommates to split the room costs with. I do know that I can get the time off for sure. Looking forward to it since I missed the last two and it would be nice to see the convention center it's held in. The last time the mate and I attended it's was still at the Double-Tree, lol.
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